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Hippos Excavations is among the largest archaeological Classical period expeditions in Israel. The logistics of fieldwork, post-processing of finds, laboratory analysis and publication are financially demanding.
Individuals and organizations can contribute funds for research of our choice or for a specific project. The general contribution carries naming opportunities, for a piece of the site or for a scholarship fund. Specific projects for which funding can be provided are, for example, e
xcavation and conservation of a Byzantine church at the site, or publication of a book about current research from Hippos. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Michael Eisenberg for further information.

We thank you in advance for considering a contribution. Any sum will help us in expending the research. 


We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations that contributed to continued success of our project:

  • The Zinman Institute of Archaeology

  • The Jordan Valley Regional Council 

  • Moledet Foundation

  • The Israel Science Foundation

  • Golan Heights Winery

  • Mr. Howard M. Sherman from Michigan, USA

  • Mr. Abraham D. Sofaer from the US

  • Mr. Sam Turner from the US

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